Terms & Conditions

By booking this game you and all your team members agree and comply with all the rules stipulated here.

You and your team members also agree to follow and obey any further safety instructions given to you by Riddle Twist room operator once you are in our facilities.



1. Age

Participation is not allowed to children under 8. Person under 15 must be accompanied by adult supervision (18+). 


2. Booking cancellation

We reserve our right to cancel your booking due to technical reasons. In such a case, we will offer you another date. If you wish to cancel your game or change date, please send us an email to info@riddletwist.cz as soon as you can. If you need to cancel your appointment less than 12 hours in advance, please call us: +420735615655.


3. Confidentiality

Without prior written consent you agree not to disclose, use, sell, copy or publish any information that we consider to be confidential. For example but not limited to elements and riddles used, disclosed to you directly or indirectly. Photography and video recording during the game is strictly prohibited.


4. Game termination

We reserve our right to terminate your game immediately with no refund claim if you break any of hereby mentioned rules or you repeatedly do not follow instructions given to your team by the gamemaster.


5. Health risks

You enter the game at your own risk. Please reconsider your participation if you suffer from heart diseases, mental health problems or any current illness. Person suffering from claustrophobia, panic or anxiety attacks should not participate in the game.


6. Payment conditions

The payment must be done in our office before you enter the game. Currently we accept only cash or certain types of Sodexo and Edenred vouchers (Please contact us for further info).


7. Privacy and Personal data

All personal data will be handled in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. In order to fulfil your booking/order we need to collect certain personal data about you - your name, phone number and email address.
The responsible data controller for Riddle Twist branch is Ing. Eva Opatrná (IČO 04478592). The data processor is GARVIS Solutions s.r.o., provider of the booking system Reenio.cz. 
Lawful basis for above mentioned data processing is a performance of a contract. Your data will be stored for a period of maximum 90 days from your consent. Your consent can be withdrawn anytime before. We will never share your personal data with any other third party. Your game will be monitored by a camera system. 


8. Refuse entry

We reserve our right to refuse entry to a team member if it is deemed he/she is dangerous to himself/herself, room operator or other customers. For example but not limited to being drunk, under influence of drugs or armed.


9. Safety

The game is an intellectual challenge and therefore excludes use of excessive power, climbing or any other physical activity which could cause harm to you, game operator, any other person within our facilities or lead to our property damage.



We reserve our right to change hereby stipulated Terms and Conditions by disclosing it on this website.


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