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On his deathbed, old painter F. X. Balko told his housemaid that picture of Saint Xaverius, his only masterpiece, is hiding a mystery, clues that lead to a treasure. Despite many treasure hunters scrutinized the picture and tried to crack its mystery, nobody has ever been successful. The story became a mere tale. But what if it is true? Or it is not as supposed to be?
Embark on a very special adventure and find out! You and your team will get a chance to spent 75minutes in the grim church alone. Are you ready?
Inspired by Saint Xaverius, first Czech sci-fi, written by Jakub Arbes (1840-1914).



Enough waiting, new Firefly episode is coming, starring you and your team!

Will you find Serenity?

Take your friends into our escape rooms on an unforgettable journey

Why to choose us?

Real escape-quest games from Riddle Twist are different from everything you’ve done before.

They have been designed for adventure seekers, for those who wish to experience a real challenge, for the brave ones ready to face the unknown and last but not least - for fun!

No Padlocks

We don't like padlocks, so we employ sophisticated solutions to boost your imagination and offer you fully interactive game experience.

No Paper Instructions

Our games are language independent to let your intuition speak out. You will be challenged in unexpected, thrilling and funny ways.

we keep the Story real!

The room interior, riddles and decorations are all carefully designed to create the right atmosphere and enhance the storyline.

Book now, call your team together, come to play and become a part of a thrilling game. Use your brains, intuition, imagination and teamwork to complete a challenging quest that will not just test you.

It may reveal who you truly are.


Looking for a truly exciting present?

Do not look any further - an unforgettable adventure in Riddle Twist is the ideal gift!

How to get your gift voucher?

Pick up in our office

​Pick up the paper version of gift voucher with an envelope upon previous agreement in our office. Please note that we accept cash only.

Via post

Gift voucher will be sent to you or directly to the receiver with your personalized note via post after your payment is credited to our account. Please note that we only send to addresses in Czech Republic. Delivery by post before Christmas is guaranteed only for orders paid till 18. 12. 2019.

Via email

Printable version of the gift voucher will be sent to your email after your payment is credited to our account.

  • Gift voucher entitles the receiver to one game of his/her choice at Riddle Twist, Prague. Each voucher contains a unique code which is valid for half a year from the date of purchase*. You can book up to 2 months in advance, so technically the validity is 8 months.
    *All Christmas gift vouchers are valid till 31. 8. 2020, no matter when purchased.


  • The gift vouchers are available in Czech, English and German version.

  • Price of the gift voucher is the same for all above mentioned options, CZK 1,500. Please use our contact form to order your gift vouchers. Be sure to indicate all the necessary details – how many vouchers, how you wish to get them and language version of the voucher.  In the case of payment by bank transfer we will send you the payment details. Gift vouchers are non-refundable.



Our escape-quest games are a great option for corporate teambuilding as the team has no other chance than to attain the common goal – escape, complete a quest - by mutual cooperation, effective communication, idea sharing and task delegating.


The common experience further strengthens the collective and provides a feeling of security while working in a team.

Moreover and very importantly, it is a great fun!

Do you wish to:

•    have fun with colleagues?
•    promote your company spirit with us?
•    celebrate your team's results?
•    challenge your team?
•    get to know each other better?

Don't hesitate to contact us and we will find the best solution for you.


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